Lisa's story

Lisa is an Aboriginal woman who was 37 weeks pregnant with her fifth child when she first contacted Guthrie House. Her four other children had been placed into out of home care three months prior and she was fearful that the same would happen to her newborn. Read More

Alice's story

Changing your life is not an easy thing to undertake and when you add a debilitating substance use disorder coupled by psychological trauma, ill health and a troubled past it make for an even more difficult task to accomplish. Read More

Louise's story

Louise came to Guthrie House as a Drug Court client in April 2017. Louise endured over a decade of severe DV before she escaped but the trauma led her to a life of hard drug use to cope, and then crime. Read More

Josephine's story

Josephine entered the Guthrie House residential program in October 2017 after a long custodial sentence. She had previously attempted other residential programs in the Sydney area but found recovery difficult to manage because she was a long way away from home and was not able to secure stable housing to start her transition or recovery in the community. Read More

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